The Pens Know All Your Secrets by Zoe Woodbridge

This one knows I stole it
from the office
and don’t really plan
on giving it back

The black one with all the bite marks
can tell you all about my first sloppy,
gross kiss and the bad things I wrote
about it afterwards.

The tiny pink one
that came with a stationary set
I got for Christmas from my cousins,
hoping I’d write to them,
doesn’t know that much.
Just what I buy at Giant, really.

But they never tell anyone
Not even the little pink one.
(You would think she would.)

They just let me hold them
and use them till they’re old
and done. Even then,
they know more about me
than I do.


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One response to “The Pens Know All Your Secrets by Zoe Woodbridge

  1. kgavin2

    “The black one…” – biting pens implies nervousness, maybe go into that a little bit more? The poem could go a little deeper, with more specifics that make it more unique. The image of all the pens together is interesting, it should be carried to the end of the poem more strongly, perhaps. We liked the grocery list pen. Maybe more specifics about what they are writing and describing actually writing things from the viewpoint of the pen.

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