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A poem by Val Dunn

Self-censorship is the antithesis of masturbation,

A cold calculation of what it costs

To give yourself what you want

But cannot have.

I say have it. Have at it.


Have her,

The girl you’ve been eyeing

Against the backdrop of a dingy nowhere.


Everywhere; she’ll go there.

And if she won’t,

Make her take her take you bring you here.

Sin is only made of fear.

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For a Price by Val Dunn

The Prostitute’s Proverb, For a Price

I am not a handmaiden of some lord.
I am a handmaiden of what for;

a prologue of a pouting deep darkness

dark like the shadows between and below

lips pouting and legs like the dexterity of raindrops.


And I will tell you what I don’t know

and tell you that I do know

that what I don’t know

is better than what you do know

-maybe, I don’t know.


My mind is not made up,

but my bed is turned down,

and my head spins round

and round and round with the thought

of you making it up to me.


For I am only lost once I am found.

If you cannot see me

can you see me frown?

Do you indulge the gentle pull of my lips?

Indulge and sink into the pool of my lacy white slips.


She will only stay white

in the fierce moon glow of night,

they say. I say

what for?

I am only and always a damned good whore.

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