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Love Dance -Meaghan Menzel

The song is about love

Sweet but sad

A jazzy guitar strums

To a slow rhythm

I can dance to

Even alone

Three step turns

Step out then back in

Roll my head

Roll my shoulders

Roll my upper body

Roll my hips

I swing my arms out

My head looks both ways

The angel on my right shoulder

The devil on my left shoulder

I feel like someone should be

Dancing with me

I purposely dance

As though I have a partner

In my mind’s eye I do

I hold one arm out

He’d take my hand

I’d turn into him if he were there

I lean back

He’d be dipping me

Three step turns

My arms cross over my sides

He’d stand behind me

Hands on my shoulder and waist

He’d be next to me

As I perform quick footwork

He’d imitate my steps

I’d be enclosed in his arms

While I spin

I can almost swear I feel hands

I take long steps across the floor

He’s now following me

I sometimes look at my shadow

It follows me perfectly

Possibly the best dance partner

Besides the one in my head

The room is white

My companion shadow is alive

He could be too

Run my fingers through air

Stroke the air

I hardly breathe air anymore

Sickly sweet

My head feels numb and light

I’m lost

Between fantasy and reality

But I love this song

So I’ll just keep dancing

With a man’s final sad note

The music fades

He vanishes

I’ve been dancing alone

I turn away and

Strike a simple pose

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